Other Projects

Rendering of a Telecaster project by Vincent Poppelaars


I wanted to build a guitar myself, to understand how it worked and to find out what would fit me. I bought a DIY kit, put it together, and replaced a few parts I had laying around. This sparked the Telecaster project. I designed and modeled a Telecaster in Solidworks with the actual measurements of the parts I have. Then I designed a custom pick guard resembling the design of the Flying V guitar and made it machining ready.

The innovation behind this design is that two buttons are hidden under the pick guard, built into the body of the guitar. These allow me to switch through digital effects very quickly. 

The body is ready for milling, and the electronics work as intended. The pick guard is designed with laser cutting in mind.



EYE-opener poster

During an internship at Jonghlabel, I worked on the assignment to make an advertising poster for their bottle opener called the “EYE-opener”. I designed the poster in Illustrator, also discussed ideas with my superiors. As a result I made different concepts for the poster. 

This one won and consequently found its way into the EYE-museum shop in Amsterdam next to the product.


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