Baby Monitor

This is the result of a group project for a course called “Usability and Experience Evaluation and Redesign” in which we were given a baby monitor and tasked to redesign it based on user feedback. 

The products we were given can be seen in the pictures shown below. It was a baby monitor with physical buttons and a screen, and a baby camera which also had buttons to play lullabies.

Alecto Baby Monitor - Monitoring unit
Alecto Baby Monitor - Camera unit

We started off by testing it ourselves and recording the experience. To compile feedback about the product, online reviews were assembled and converted into bullet points. 

A competitor analysis was done to analyse other interfaces for the same type of product.

Then it was tested by first time users in order to find out what the issues were of the interface itself, but also of the physical products. 

The user test was conducted with several scenarios the users had to follow to go through most options of the devices. 

Picture taken during the first user test with the actual products
Picture taken during the second user test with our prototypes

The data was analysed and turned into an overhaul of the interface, and a redesign of the products themselves. A paper-prototype was made to quickly go through the interface changes, and to find a good flow for the menu structure. 

Concepts were drawn by all members to find a design for the two products.

The result was a digital prototype for the interface made in Flinto, combined with physical prototypes for the products. These prototypes can be seen in the main image at the top.

These were once again tested with users to finalise the redesign.  

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