Portfolio made for VR
Virtual Reality • Prototyping • Iterating
To practice and display my learned skills, I made a VR Portfolio in Unity. There are two versions:

1) The High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) version, which takes the full benefits of this pipeline. It requires a very powerful GPU to run in VR at 90FPS. But it is also acceptable at lower frame rates since the locomotion is through teleportation.

2) The Universal Render Pipeline (URP) version, which is visually less impressive, but runs much smoother while still having the same content. (Under construction)

The controls were tested with the HTC Vive wands, but they should be available to any controllers.

On the table right in front of where the player spawns, my CV can be grabbed and looked at.

My main projects are displayed on a stand on which lays a 3D object representing the project. For the Unwind and Hot & Cold projects, those are the actual 3D models I made in SolidWorks for those projects.

To see the project, the player can push the button on the stand. This then pops up a banner on the wall to shortly explain the project. Most projects also have a video which can be played on the screen on the right of the stands. If applicable, the poster used for the project presentation is also shown next to the screen.

The sound is spatialized using Resonance Audio. There’s an ambiance sound coming from the outside, while the buttons make a sound when the button has been pressed. The video sound comes from two speakers located left and right of the teleportation point in front on the screen.

The Villa structure was made in 3DS Max while the interior was filled in with assets from the Unity store. Using VRTK and SteamVR, I animated some features like the blinds which dynamically changes the lighting of the room. It also slightly decreases the sounds from the outside.

View of the stands

Interaction with my CV

Interaction to lower the blinds