Baby monitor redesign
Usability • User testing • Prototyping • Redesign

Design challenge

This was a group project for the course called “Usability and Experience Evaluation and Redesign”. The assignment was to redesign an existing baby monitor, including the products and user interface, based on user feedback.

Team setup

With five members, including myself, the main role of each member was set to rotate every two weeks. There were two main roles: team leader and editor. The leader planned our tasks for the next two weeks, kept us on schedule, lead the meetings, and made the calls. The editor kept our report up to date, and prepared the meeting agenda.

Everyone worked on generating ideas, analysing research, drawing concepts.
Next to the main roles, I had the role of interviewer or observer in user tests.


We were given two products: a monitor and a camera unit which can be seen in the pictures shown below. The baby monitor with physical buttons and a screen, and the camera unit also had buttons to play lullabies.


We tested it ourselves, compiled feedback about the product, and assembled online reviews. A competitor analysis was done to analyse other interfaces for the same type of product. Then the original products were tested by first time users in order to find out what the issues were of the interface itself, but also of the physical products. The user test was conducted with several scenarios the users had to follow to go through most options of the devices.

The data was analysed and turned into an overhaul of the interface, and a redesign of the products themselves.

That redesign was then tested again to find the final issues.


The most influential solution was to use a touchscreen to replace most buttons. It allowed for a simplification of the menu structure which used to have up to 3 sub-levels to change a setting.

The sub-levels of the main features were replaced by sliders.

The format of the product being less bulky could now be placed in the user’s pocket. Participants found it interesting if there would be a vibration mode if the baby was crying.

Showcase of all the menu items and their sliders.