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I am Vincent Poppelaars, graduate of the master “Design for interaction” at TU Delft (The Netherlands) after gaining my bachelor of science for Industrial Design Engineering. I am currently looking for opportunities in the field of sound for Virtual Reality.

Following are a selection of the projects I have worked on, that showcase the range of my skills. Either within a team or on my own.

You can find my CV on the about me page or look at my LinkedIn.


Virtual Reality

Group project

Bachelor graduation

Personal & internship

The first project was also my most recent one, my graduation project for my master. I developed a Social VR demo, focusing on the sound experience. The second one is the one that peaked my interest for virtual reality. A lighting plan was co-designed for the Villa Savoye in VR and paper. As a result of these projects, I would like to pursue a career in Virtual Reality. Or, more specifically, sound design in VR.

Unwind was a group project in which an interactive “relaxing” watch was prototyped, tested, and improved on based on user feedback. Hot & Cold was my graduation project for my bachelor. Three concepts were designed for a company who picked one of them. As a result, the chosen product was detailed and improved, made ready for production. 

In other projects is a collection of works born out of hobby or as a part of an internship.

And finally, my personal project: music producing. I started in 2012, and have continued ever since. I like to compose for different genres, from rap to orchestral arrangements, so it keeps me inventive. This is how the “Musiken” name and branding came to life. This interest in music production inspired several design projects, and some of my music can be heard in the project videos. 

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