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Scoring a movie Plugins used: Kontact by Native Instruments, Fab Filter, ...

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Next to rich sounds, I love to experiment. I want my tracks to sound simplistic while having a lot of individual instruments and layers. On my acoustic work, I'll usually use layers and loop them in the background while jamming over it. With an app, I can even record those layers live separately and play with these loops post-recording. This is how I made "Loops of hope" for example. The new recording system I have will help me achieve a higher quality sound while recording my acoustic instruments or voice.

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I've been a music producer since 2012 with FL Studio when I became fond of chill music to the point that I wanted to make my own tracks. Since then, I've been loving this amazing tool as a producer as it helped me gain richer sounds which is one of the values I strive for the most. In order to reach those rich sounds, some plugins were involved! I mostly use Omnisphere, Massive and Sylenth1 nowadays, but I have used Nexus in the past. All great plugins that I vividly recommend, especially Omnisphere which includes one of the most high quality samples and instruments I have come across.

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Partners are always welcome and to this point, I have had 2 or 3 partners for my tracks. I am mostly looking for vocalists and I'd very much like to produce a chill track with female vocals. If you want to feature a track with me, please contact me through my e-mail: [email protected]

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As this is a hobby, I do not intend to sell my tracks and will always give you the opportunity to download them for free on this website or on my soundcloud. I might install a donation box somewhere in the future when I'll feel like my tracks are worthy enough.